How to infuse your own edibles with the EatyourGreen kits

Every EatyourGreen kit comes with an instructional guide with easy to follow steps. For our visual learners, check out our instructional video on Youtube:

In case you lost your instruction card or are curious before buying these are the written steps:

Decarboxylation Instructions (For herbs and non activated concentrates like rosin and shatter):

1) Figure out how strong you want your doses to be. Take the percentage of your starting materials medical contents (I.E. THC, CBD, Terpenes) and figure out the available quanity in one gram. One gram is 1000mg so if your starting content, for exapmle, contains 20% THC and 1% CBD you have a maximum amount of 200mg THC and 10mg CBD. Use the number of recommended doses on the package and find a dose you are comfortable with. Beginners can enjoy a dose as small as 5-10mg of active medical content where an intermediate user can ingest doses from 50mg to over 100mg of active medical compounds.

2) Tear open the decarboxylation bag and place a food grade object (like a stone or stainless steel ice cube) inside to weigh down the bag, then put your desired amount of herbs or non activated concentrate in to the bag and seal it.

3) Bring a pot of water to 200-220F, or a set a croc pot to low (roughly 200F)

and submerge the bag for 40 minutes. This will activate the THC and allow you to utilize more of your starting material’s THC content.

Infusion Instructions:

1) After decarboxylation (or if you are using orally active material like distillate), add the Emuslifier package (small bag of brown powder), your medicinal material (if you did not need to decarboxylate) and either your oil, butter, milk or honey (1/4 cup for gummies) to the bag and seal it.

2) Bring a pot of water to 200-220F, or a set a croc pot to low (roughly 200F) and submerge for 1-4 hours for oil and butter and 1-8 hours for milk and honey. Once done strain your herbal material (if any) out of your infused medium and add to your recipe.

Mike Misek