Infusing your herbs with the EatyourGreen Kit

In your kit you'll find an empty and sealed food grade bag. This bag will take you through the decarboxylation (if needed) and infusion processes while keeping in most of the aroma and flavours comounds of your herbs. This process is easiest with a slow cooker, but can also be done with a double boiler or a simple pot of boiling water.

1) Check online to see if you need to decarboxylate your herb. Some herbs require decarboxylation (cooking at low temperature to activate compounds). If your herb doesn't require decarboxylation skip step 5 and 6.

2) Tear off the seal of the Infusion bag.

3) Fine grind your herbs and place 1-4 grams into the infusion bag. Spread the herbs evenly across the bottom of the bag and seal the zip lock.

4) Fill your slow cooker or pot wih enough water to comfortably cover the bottom half of the bag. Bring it up to 200 farenheight (or low setting on a slow cooker).

5) Submerge the bottom of the bag to the side of your slowcooker/pot and place a heavy bowl upside down over the herbs in the bag. This will keep the herbs in the water and the zip lock seal above the surface of the water.

6) Decarboxylate for 1 hour.

7) Open the zip seal (for as little time as possible and under ventilation to keep aroma low) and add your butter or honey. Empty the Emulsifier bag (the small bag of yellow granules) from the kit into the Infusion bag. Reseal the zip lock and shake the contents. Make sure the herbs are evenly covered and back at the bottom of the bag.

8) Submerge the bag into the water, at the same temperature, and use a heavy bowl like in step 5 if the bag is floating.

9) If infusing butter, keep the Infusion bag and herbs submerged for 1-4 hours. When infusing honey, keep the bag submerged for 4-12 hours.

10) Pull the bag from the heat and separate the herbs from the butter or honey using a fine strainer. Throw out the used herbs and you're done.



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